Finlexia is a globally recognized Turkish Accounting Firm with a long record of excellence and professional leadership in Istanbul, Turkey. Our Turkish company formation team is prepared to help you to Turkish Trade Registry services. Our Turkish company formation team is experienced in liaison office formation, branch office formation, free trade zone company formation, joint stock company, joint venture formation, limited liability company formation, holding company formation, and company management and governance.

Turkish Trade Registry is governed by the Turkish Chamber of Commerce and functions according to the Turkish Trade Law. The institution’s main task is to record all amendments and to provide information and legality of the records. Also the Company Registrar in Turkey has to incorporate new businesses and manage the registration formalities of both Turkish and foreign companies. As a result of registration the institution has to issue registration certificates that ensure the actual functioning of the company. Also the register issues land registry certificates and other documents in conformity with the articles of association of the companies.

Turkish Registers and registry certificates are kept in an electronic database, available for searching. This database contains series of information of registered companies, including their names, registered addresses, shareholders, if it is the case, branches, social capital etc. The Turkish Commercial Register has a good relationship with other authorities and collaborates with them, offering valuable information, and also updating its own database using their authenticated data. In the near future Trade Register officials will introduce an electronic system which will enable registering through internet means.

Turkish Trade Registry

The Commercial Register in Turkey

The Trade Register incorporates companies with the Chamber of Commerce, which are obliged to be registered, also monitoring their activity. If any change in the registered data occurs, the Trade Registry must be notified. The changes include replacement of managing members, change of registered address, new object of activity etc. This procedure is done by filling an application with some required data and sending it to the registration office.

The Turkish Trade Registry has to maintain an open communication with the public, being obliged by law to issue authenticated copies of company documents. All these information are available to the public, by ordering certain information through the post mail, e-mail, or acquiring it at the registration office headquarters. Other important task of the institution is to organize prizes in categories of commercial and foreign exchange revenues, offering information on bank protocols etc.

The Turkish Commercial Register maintains the registration, formation and development of Turkish companies in legality, regulating their activities and ensuring a good communication with the public, putting at their disposal information on registration procedures, details of companies and offering valuable advice.

Company Formation in Turkey

Today, clients are faced with unprecedented challenges as new laws and regulations are changing the way the corporate world works. Finlexia Accounting Firm has one of the preeminent corporate governance practices in Turkey, drawing upon the expertise of our corporate, securities, governance, litigation, and compensation specialists to provide our clients with the information and analysis needed to respond to a rapidly changing regulatory environment.

We regularly advise clients with respect to the formation of companies. Our services with respect to company formation include advising and drafting documents in connection with the formation of corporations, limited liability companies, and liaison offices. We provide targeted advice with respect to both the choice of entity and Turkish laws under the entity is to be organized.

Company Formation in Turkey

Turkish Company Formation Services

Our company formation team is experienced in formation and governance of;

in Turkey. We maintain a unsurpassed practice counseling and representing large and small companies and boards of directors regarding entity formation and corporate governance matters. We advise our public and private clients on all matters concerning formation of new entities from corporate formalities to tax issues.

We also advise our company clients on a full range of new laws and related matters, as well as other corporate governance rules. Our clients range from small private companies with no internal legal staff to medium size companies with their own internal legal staff. For each of our clients we tailor our approach to that client’s unique requirements.

Accounting Services in Turkey

The accountant will prepare financial statements for tax return, make an audit, will be responsible for book-keeping and financial planning and other different accounting services. He can help you with services such as:

The accountant you choose can represent you in front of the Turkish authorities and can act on behalf of you in the financial field. He will help you manage your business related to accounting even if you can’t spend too much time in Turkey. When you are abroad, the accountant will offer professional assistance with business management and he can take care of the property administration.

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Since its foundation, Finlexia Turkish Accounting Firm has been the choice of numerous clients in Turkey. Thanks to its nationally recognized accountants and accounting services, our accounting firm is now one of the leading accounting firms in Istanbul, Turkey. You may reach our accountants and lawyers for Turkish Trade Registry by sending by sending an email or filling in Contact Form in Contact page.

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